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Mastering instructions for improved Mixing in the Home Recording Studi

Mix should be relatively quiet because it will leave a space and the main purpose of the combustion process, which is to increase the size of the average volume of the combination. In other words, it is relatively constant throughout the song. Versions of the song high and incisive.
Managing by a true engineer to use a variety of compressors. He established the "almost" In order to prevent the number of tablets that also compresses and limit values for specific frequencies.
Remember these portals, compression and / or Eq by pressing, according to the "ceiling" and "floor", which creates a "container" and the number of frequencies and the need to live. This prevents a large group of masters "zero" or dipping too low voice. That is why we can offer a combination of techniques "to" learning, which have enough space. Among other things, the combination of a journey through risk control stage Trapping, crowded or distorted sound.
In the next CD Master Plan. As a group, they represent the three following recommended a good opportunity for artists to record at home to eliminate a lot of frustration in the mixing process and significantly reduce the time spent mix.




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